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About SavingStar

About SavingStar
SavingStar launched as both a coupon savings website and an app for Android and Apple devices in 2011. Since then, over 5 million people have jumped on the SavingStar bandwagon. TIME magazine featured SavingStar in its article, “The Latest Online Coupon Craze: Discounts on Stuff You Actually Need.” Parent magazine has described SavingStar as their “favorite coupon website.” The SavingStar apps have 4/5 stars in both the Android and Apple stores. This indicates positive customer feedback from individuals who have tried and tested the apps.
Are you tired of rifling through many coupons and ads in the Sunday paper each week? Do you want to save time and money on printing digital coupons? SavingStar could be a viable way to improve your grocery shopping efficiency.
How SavingStar Works
SavingStar is unique in that you do not receive the discounts on items you purchase immediately at checkout. Instead, the savings are deposited in your SavingStar account. All you need is an iPhone or Android smartphone to get the free app, and signing up with SavingStar is free as well.
Sign up using your Facebook account. You can also enter your email and a password to create a SavingStar account and get started right away. Enter your zip code to find a list of stores in your area. Click on the ones that you shop at most frequently to get coupons more personalized to your shopping habits.
SavingStar also offers a Cashback Toolbar that you can install onto your internet browser to help you save while you’re shopping online. This is a useful and transparent way to maximize your savings with SavingStar.
Grocery Savings with SavingStar
SavingStar is primarily a grocery coupon website. There are many other online shopping coupons available as well. Is your goal is to save money on groceries? Signing up for SavingStar can help you with your monthly grocery expenses with little change to your shopping routine. Find big-name brands like Albertson’s, Costco, CVS, Kroger, Ralph’s, Target, Walmart, and more.
Some stores are receipt-scan stores, which means you’ll need to scan your receipt on your SavingStar app or upload a picture of your receipt to your account after your purchase to qualify for savings offers. Other stores are automatic-savings stores which means your savings will be recorded during checkout when you show the cashier your coupons and codes on the SavingStar app.
Online Shopping Bargains with SavingStar
SavingStar has an online Cash Back Mall where you can earn 2x (or more) cash back on purchases through over 500 websites. This includes well-known companies such as Groupon and Staples. When you click “Shop Now” on a retailer listed on SavingStar’s website or the app, your savings will be accounted for when you make a purchase (and the actual money will show up in your SavingStar account within ten days).
You can also save more money with exclusive SavingStar coupon codes on participating websites. Be sure to see what your options are before buying anything for full price!
SavingStar American Express Card
SavingStar has its own American Express credit card. This card offers a 0% introductory APR on the first six billing cycles. Get an APR of 16.24% to 20.24% after that, depending on your creditworthiness. There is no annual fee and no cap to how many cash back points you can earn. You’ll earn 10% cash back on all SavingStar grocery purchases (in addition to your regular SavingStar cash back offers). You’ll also receive 5% cash back on eligible Cash Back Mall purchases through SavingStar’s website. Plus, get 1% cash back on every other purchase when you use your American Express card.
SavingStar also offers a Secured American Express Card with the same cash-back benefits as the unsecured credit card. The only difference is, like other secured credit cards, you put down a deposit ($300-$5,000) as collateral for your credit limit, and your spending habits are reported to the major credit bureaus as you work towards establishing or improving your credit history. You even have the option to set up automatic monthly payments to ensure you never get hit with a late fee or negative credit report sent to the bureaus.
Cash Out Your SavingStar Earnings
It usually takes between 2 and 22 days for your SavingStar discounts to show up in your account (time duration depends on the store). Once you’re ready to cash out ($5 minimum saved up), you can either transfer the funds to your bank account, your PayPal account, or a Upromise account. SavingStar also gives you the option to cash out in the form of gift cards for iTunes, AMC Theatres, and Starbucks. American Forests, a charity focused on planting more trees and helping the environment, is also an optional recipient for your SavingStar funds.
SavingStar on Social Media
SavingStar has a fantastic social media presence. Get the latest deals, coupons, and freebies highlighted in their posts all the time, so you never miss a great deal. SavingStar is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
SavingStar Customer Service
If you have any questions, you can reach SavingStar via email through their online form here. Their website says they respond within 4-6 business days. Their social media reps are also available to answer questions if you ask them on SavingStar posts.