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About Munchkin

Raising a child is a full time job. Luckily, Munchkin Baby Products has everything you need to keep your child happy and healthy in one place. Outfit your nursery, safety proof your house, and prepare with potty training with Munchkin. With its unique technology, Munchkin Latch bottles make the transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding easy. The nipple of Latch bottles use an accordion-style design so that it responds like the mother’s breast, helping babies acclimated to bottle-feeding. This technology also decreases the ingestion of air, reducing chances of colic. Munchkin offers three varieties of baby gates to meet your needs. Pressure fitted gates offer secure and sturdy protection without the hassle of installation with low floor bars and double locking handles. Hardware mounted gates allow sturdier protection for permanent gates. Quick install gates allow you to easily transport the gates for use in multiple rooms. Munchkin provides a range of quality potty chairs and training seats with interchangeable Arm & Hammer air fresheners. Their selection of changing stations, caddies and accessories makes diaper change a breeze. Stack up the savings with coupons from Giving Assistant. Using promo codes from Giving Assistant is as easy as entering them at checkout. For every coupon used, Giving Assistant will make a charitable donation.